The Yeh Family Philanthropy seeks to fulfill its mission in education and social entrepreneurship in an open and transparent manner.  As such, the Yeh Family Philanthropy is governed by a board of directors and grants committee.  The board of directors oversees the strategy and fiduciary responsibilities or the organization, while the grants committee meets regularly to review grant proposals and monitor evaluation. 


Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors is comprised of five directors, two Yeh family members and three external advisors: 


Yvette Yeh Fung

Yvette is a graduate of Stanford University (B.A. and J.D.) and UCLA (M.B.A).  She is the chair of the Yeh Family Philanthropy and a director of Hsin Chong International Holdings Ltd.  Yvette has a long history of educational involvement, through several schools, universities, and organizations in Hong Kong and the US.   She also has a strong interest and background in social entrepreneurship and non-profit leadership as a board member of several organizations in Hong Kong.  Yvette and her husband have two children and enjoy traveling immensely.


V-Nee Yeh

V-Nee Yeh is a graduate of Williams College (B.A.) and Columbia University (J.D.).  He is a former member of the Executive Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.  V-Nee is founder and director of several fund management business in Hong Kong and Asia.  He and his wife are supporters of the arts and environment.  V-Nee enjoys skiing, both alpine and water, seeking to spend as much time as possible on the slopes or in the ocean.  V-Nee and his wife have one daughter, who is also an avid skier.


Bernard Chan

Bernard Chan is a deputy to the National People’s Congress of China and a non-official member of Hong Kong’s Executive Council. He is also a former member of Hong Kong’s Legislative Council (1998-2008).  A graduate of Pomona College in California, he is the President of Asia Financial Group and Asia Insurance.  He is Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Revitalisation of Historic Buildings and the Council for Sustainable Development.  He is chairman of the Lingnan University Council,  chairperson of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service and deputy chairman of the Oxfam Hong Kong.  He is also chairman of the Hong Kong - Thailand Business Council and an advisor to Bangkok Bank, Hong Kong Branch. 


Lister Chang

Lister Chang has been an entrepreneur and investor since graduating from University of California, Berkeley, in 1969, with his M.B.A. in Finance.  He started his career as an analyst with the Wall Street firm of Hayden Stone Inc., where he worked under renowned pioneer venture capitalist Arthur Rock. In the mid-1970’s, Lister teamed up with Andrew Yen, a son of former Taiwan President – Mr. C.K. Yen, to establish the first ever Taiwan based wafer fabrication plant, Fine Products Microelectronics Corporation. Lister was an Executive Director of Kwong On Bank in Hong Kong and the Development Bank of Singapore.  Lister is currently a Trustee of the University of California, Berkeley Foundation.


Donald K. Leung

Donald graduated from University of California at Berkeley and completed Harvard University's Advanced Management Program.  He started a banking career in 1977 with Bank of America, and joined Wardley Limited (a member of HSBC Group) in 1984.  Donald then joined Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited in 1986 and had pursued a second career there until his retirement in 2006.  Donald is currently an Independent Non Executive Director of Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited and Tern Properties Company Limited.  He has been a Director of the Yeh Family Philanthropy since its inception.



Grants Committee

The grants committee is comprised of four advisors, one Yeh family member; currently Yvette Yeh Fung, and three external advisors.  The three external advisors are:


Susan Keane

Sue is a graduate of Stirling University, Scotland (M.B.A). Sue worked in retail for the best part of her career for Marks and Spencer and Starbucks Coffee both in the UK and the Asia Pacific region. Now semi-retired, Sue travels extensively, dabbles in the HK Property market and supports various charitable organizations which focus principally on education.


Howard H. W. Ling

Howard is a graduate of University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (B.S.) and The Chinese University of Hong Kong (M.B.A).  He is the committee member of the Home Affairs Bureau (HKSAR) - Social Enterprise Advisory Committee, and a director of Harvester, Annalee Doll and Lever Soft-toys Co. Ltd.  Howard is also a senior consultant of HKCSS - HSBC Social Enterprise Business Centre, which helps social enterprises in Hong Kong and Macau to start and manage their social businesses.  Howard has been teaching Shaolin exercise (八段錦) for patients in hospital, employees in corporations and non-profit organizations, and his family members for seven years, and he is still getting new insights from this traditional exercise every day.   Howard and his wife have two children.


Audrey Slighton

Audrey is a graduate of Princeton University (A.B.) and Columbia University School of Business (MBA).  Her background is in finance.  She has worked with schools and universities in the US and Hong Kong. 


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