The Yeh Family Philanthropy

uses an online application system


The first stage of the online system is the Letter of Inquiry (LOI).


Please fill out the requested information below to receive a link to the LOI.  Once you receive the link, you will be able to respond to the LOI, save your work, and submit to the Yeh Family Philanthropy when you are ready.


The Yeh Family Philanthropy will evaluate your LOI and either decline your inquiry or send you a full application.  Instructions for responding to the full application will be sent at the same time.


If you are unable to access the online LOI for any reason, please contact the Yeh Family Philanthropy at

In general, the Foundation will not provide sponsorship or funding for the following:

  1. Individuals
  2. Special interest political or religious groups or institutions
  3. Purely commercial ventures without social impact
  4. Debt retirement
  • Non-profit organizations and institutions must be registered as not-for profit in their locale (501(C)3 in the US, Non-Profit Registration with the companies registry in Hong Kong, etc)
  • The Yeh Family Foundation will consider partnerships with limited for-profit organizations contributing to social impact matching the philanthropic goals of the Yeh Family Philanthropy
  • Organizations serving populations in: Hong Kong, mainland China, and the United States are encouraged to apply
  • Organizations must not have delinquent final reports or financial submission to the philanthropy




Please be prepared with the following information before you begin filling out the LOI. 

  1. Address and Contact Information
  2. Registration information
  3. Brief history of your organization/work including date of incorporation, mission statement, current programs/services/products, governance structure, and financial source(s)
  4. 500 word project summary
  5. Project needs
  6. Objectives and Long-Term Results
  7. Timeline
  8. Estimated total budget (specify HKD, USD, RMB)


You will not submit any docments, such as annual reports, articles of incorporation, or detailed budget, until the full application stage. 

Applicant Registration

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